Irish Rail Update: Going Portable

We are proud to announce a new phase in our partnership with Irish Rail. S3 Passenger now enables Irish Rail to sell tickets on their Booking Office Machine (BOM) and Portable Device (PD). This continued development further builds upon the existing capabilities of S3 and allows for more flexibility in ticket sales. What did we do to make ticket sales more mobile for Irish Rail?

A new booking machine

The new BOM is going to replace the traditional booking machine. The booking machine allows customers to purchase tickets at the counter at their departing station. Customers are able to pay with cash or card and their tickets are printed directly. One of the main changes with the new BOM is the fact that it has a touchscreen. The existing booking machine worked with codes and required extensive operator training before it could be used optimally.



The new BOM also opens new possibilities for Irish Rail, including the option to sell reserved seating in addition to ‘open tickets’ and the use of vouchers.

The revolution of going portable

The PD is going to change the way that Irish Rail employees sell tickets at the station and on the train. Whereas they previously needed to carry a massive device with several different tickets, they will now be able to sell tickets just by using a single Android device.



Anyone who has ever travelled by train before knows that the internet connection is not always reliable in all places. This is why the PD is able to sell tickets when offline, and then automatically syncs the information into the S3 Passenger back office when online.

Before the introduction of the PD, an Irish Rail employee would need to carry a separate device for scanning the TFI Leap Card (the contactless smart card for automated fare collection), but thanks to the PD this is no longer necessary. The PD can scan the Leap Card, which not only means less work for the Irish Rail employee, but also leads to faster transactions for customers.

The PD also offers the list of passengers with their preferences and seats. It is now possible to walk through the train and instantly see where the passengers with reserved seating are located and what products they may have purchased (e.g. a meal).

Automated integration into the back office

Another great benefit of Irish Rail using the PD is the fact that all sold tickets are automatically entered into the back office. This means no additional paperwork or manual labour.

If product configurations and prices are changed in the back office, these changes are automatically entered into the PD.

Building towards the future

Both the new BOM and PD allow Irish Rail to work towards an even more customer-centric approach. The new BOM means that customers still have their familiar point of contact, but with more flexibility and options for the future. The PD means that a single, small device is enough to assist customers in their journey.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in knowing more about the solutions Sqills has implemented at Irish Rail or would like to know more about what we could do for you – make sure to contact us.


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