Go live with benerail realised after 10-month implementation period

After a short implementation period of only 10 months, the benerail go live was a fact on April 3rd. This means that the benerail platform, with benerail as an important distribution partner, can now sell tickets through S3 Passenger.

The go live itself was a smooth one, highlighting the maturity of the S3 Passenger product, the level of experience on the Sqills implementation side, and the fact that benerail is an experienced partner when it comes to integrating inventory systems into their distribution system.

The first go live with OSDM

The go live with benerail marks a significant achievement in terms of the concerted effort to further roll out and optimise the OSDM (Open Sales and Distribution Model) standard. Both Sqills and benerail have been strong proponents of the OSDM initiative.

OSDM can help simplify and streamline the entire book process for both customers and industry stakeholders. It helps to simplify the booking process through common standards and procedures. This leads to a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Our partnership with Sqills has been pivotal in bringing this cutting-edge solution to life. S3 of Sqills not only meets European standards but also provides a secure and stable environment for future innovations.

Pim Jonker - Project Manager

Facilitating the Intercity Brussel - Amsterdam

The benerail inventory system (COSTA) for the Intercity Brussel Amsterdam (ICBA) has now been replaced by S3 Passenger. This means that both ICBA and benerail have more flexibility in terms of managing inventory and reservations. The fact that S3 Passenger supports dynamic pricing out-of-the-box means that prices are optimised to meet demand, allowing for an increase in yield per seat.

This move is also a big step in terms of making the technology that enables international rail travel between Brussels and Amsterdam future-proof.

Multiple segments into a single ticket

The benerail platform combines cross-country train journeys from different carriers in one single ticket. The flexibility on both the Sqills and benerail side in terms of inventory management is highlighted by the fact that an ICBA ticket may be combined with a domestic segment in Belgium and/or the Netherlands.

While these tickets include different segments, they are sold as a single ticket, making the overall experience smoother for the passenger.

We are really proud of the go live with benerail. Not only does it empower passenger transport operators and increase options for passengers, it marks a significant leap forward as the inaugural OSDM implementation running in production. We will continue to support this industry standard and look forward to an increasingly connected future.

Bart van Munster - Sqills CEO

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