The leading global off-the-shelf rail & bus
inventory, reservation, and ticketing software!

At Sqills we understand the bus and rail market like no one else
Through our experience with these markets we have the technical
and functional expertise needed to support operators
in these changing markets

We are constantly working towards our flagship product, S3 Passenger, to help your business
achieve its full potential. That is why we constantly evolve our systems and processes.

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Sqills' story

From our inception in 2002, we’ve been committed to bringing the public transport industry an inventory, sales, and distribution platform fully dedicated to the needs of the industry. Almost ten years later, we celebrated the Go-Live of our first customer, a decade later we have 38 operators on board.

Here you can find out more about Sqills, our teams, how we work, and how the company has evolved into what it is today.

More about us

Discover S3 Passenger

S3 Passenger is the global leading SaaS rail & bus inventory, reservation, and ticketing software solution. The software is built from scratch with a singular focus: to empower public transport operators to manage their digital transformation process and optimise their chosen sales strategies by offering a software solution designed for their specific needs.

S3 Passengers offers operators the best of both worlds, a massive set of off-the-shelf functionalities that meet the commercial needs for rail and bus operators, and a flexible development roadmap in collaboration with operators capable of adapting to a changing market.

S3 Passenger’s implementation process is designed to be handled by the operator through self-service with assistance from a dedicated implementation support team from Sqills. S3 Passengers has API’s to connect to existing systems and responsive customer support, enough to ensure S3 Passenger will continue to be the system of choice for the public transport industry.

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S3 Passenger

Our customers

With a continuously growing list of S3 Passenger users, Sqills offers an internationally proven solution.

  • Sqills S3 Passenger for Irish Rail
  • Sqills S3 Passenger for OUIGO
  • S3 Passenger for IZY