Moving people forward

We empower passenger transport operators worldwide with our mission-critical software solution S3 Passenger, for multi-channel sales & distribution.

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Two worlds, one software solution

Our product takes care of everything from managing inventory, reservation and ticketing to multi-channel sales, dynamic pricing and distribution.

Through continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach, you benefit from a future-proof solution. Now, and going forward.

With S3 Passenger you can:

  1. Increase seat occupancy
  2. Enhance yield per seat
  3. Increase passenger self-service
  4. Improve operational efficiency
  5. Reduce the time-to-market of innovations
  6. Increase business agility

What sets S3 Passenger apart?

  • Empowering carriers and distributors

    The most feature-rich solution on the market. Both for bus and train transport

  • Continuous evolution

    Market-leading functionalities that keep up with industry trends

  • Decades of industry experience

    Developed in collaboration with rail and bus experts

  • Fully configurable

    Tailored to your business needs for maximum flexibility

  • Modular architecture

    Scalable and high-performing to adapt to growing demands

  • Everything you need

    One integrated platform for streamlined operations

  • Mission-critical Software as a Service operating model with fully certified security and privacy

  • Most effective solution from a Total Cost of Ownership perspective

  • Proven implementation approach with a 100% successful track record

  • Excellent documentation and training material which enables operational autonomy

  • 24/7/365 system monitoring and customer support around the world

Who we work with

S3 Passenger is the result of over a decade of intensive collaboration within the Sqills customer community. This is a selection of the operators that currently rely on S3 Passenger to power their business.

Our proven implementation approach

We understand that migrating your mission-critical processes may seem daunting, but we are there for you before, during, and after the implementation of S3 Passenger, providing global 24/7 system monitoring and customer support.

With a 100% success track record, we assure you that you are in capable hands. While we are there for you at all times, you are in control of the implementation approach. You rely on our expertise, but we move at your pace.

  • Mission-critical SaaS operating model with fully certified security and privacy

  • Cost-effective with a strong Total Cost of Ownership advantage

  • Comprehensive documentation and training to ensure you have operational autonomy

Want to know more?

With thousands of out-of-the-box features and continuous development, we're eager to understand your unique business needs and find out how S3 Passenger can make a difference. Schedule a demo today and find out how you can transform your operations.