Your journey: step-by-step

How S3 Passenger elevates your business from day one

The implementation and migration of a new reservation system is complex. Over the past two decades we have successfully implemented our core product S3 Passenger for 40 operators across the globe. These range from start-ups to leading (national) operators. As you scroll you will see the entire implementation journey as you experience it.

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Your journey to the complete integration with S3 Passenger starts with the orientation phase. We want to understand the key drivers: both from a business and IT perspective. With our decades of experience, we can help define a value case to transition to, and optimally utilise, a new solution.

Together we can assess factors like the overall cost and benefits such as increasing seat occupancy, optimising profits, speeding up product launches, and improving operational efficiency. We can also connect you with some of our previous clients so you can get more information from operators that already use S3 Passenger.


During the discovery phase of implementing S3 Passenger, we introduce you to the product capabilities and analyse your requirements to define the target architecture, configuration, and migration strategy. Our consultants conduct interactive workshops to configure your business in S3 Passenger in a dedicated customer environment. This initial configuration serves as a foundation for your initial go live and all future releases.

If needed, we identify and work with you on generic product enhancements developed by our Sqills software development teams and incorporated into the standard product. This approach ensures efficient implementation and ongoing evolution of S3 Passenger to meet your specific needs.

Design and delivery

During the design & delivery phase we assist you in configuring the S3 Passenger reference model for your passenger self-service system. Integration of S3 Passenger into your IT landscape is typically managed by the selected system integrator, with support from our consultants within S3 Passenger APIs.

Any required product features, interfaces, or adapters are developed and tested by our team. Quality validation is a key part of our iterative delivery approach, ensuring that the delivered components meet the required standards.


Testing and quality assurance play a crucial role throughout the implementation and operational phases of S3 Passenger. Various tests are conducted to validate the overall quality and coverage, including automated test scripts executed by our engineers. We provide support to clients during testing activities, assisting with S3 Passenger configuration validation, and end-to-end functional integration tests within their IT ecosystem.

Additionally, we offer assistance in load- and performance testing to determine the optimal sizing of the production environment. Our goal is to empower operators by providing documentation and conducting train-the-trainer sessions. This allows you to effectively utilise S3 Passenger in your production environment.


Migration, or cut-over, to a new passenger self-service system, is a complex and crucial step for a smooth transition. The challenge lies in maintaining a single source of truth for train occupancy, emphasising the significance of data quality and integrity in running your business effectively.

Drawing from our experience, we’ve developed proven methodologies to advise operators on complex migrations to S3 Passenger. Regardless of the chosen migration scenario, we have the expertise to assist both operators and system integrators with planning, preparations, and execution.

A dedicated workstream is allocated to handle these migration activities. We have designed a migration procedure and a proprietary S3 Passenger data file format structure to facilitate importing your data. This process enables validated imports that can be tested through dry-run scenarios, ensuring the successful reconstruction of booking data in the S3 Passenger system. Our approach has even allowed for after-sales operations on bookings originally created in the legacy reservation system, showcasing the high data quality level we deliver.


Continued assistance for operational success

After a successful migration, this is where it really begins; running your business in S3 Passenger. While you will have developed the required skills and capabilities internally, we will continue to support in a dedicated hyper-care period with our consultants, complemented with our dedicated client-centric teams, to support operational excellence with S3 Passenger as PSS.

  • Fueling improvement and innovation

    S3 Passenger undergoes continuous evolution with over 400 new product features introduced annually. This ensures ongoing innovation and improvement to meet the constantly evolving needs of operators and the industry.

  • Influence the evolution of S3 Passenger yourself

    The User Story Marketplace (USM) makes it possible for operators to suggest new features privately through a collaborative voting system based on story points.

  • Seamless updates and compatibility

    Experience smooth updates across environments with uninterrupted usage. Backward compatibility safeguards integrations, while frequent updates introduce new features and enhance performance.

  • Reliable support and strong partnerships

    We prioritise strong partnerships and direct communication, reflecting our commitment to quality through robust management systems and certifications. This ensures reliable support for our mission-critical SaaS system.


Choosing the right solution for your business is crucial. We're proud of the fact that S3 Passenger has consistently delivered positive results for all our clients.

But don't just take our word for it. We believe in letting our customers do the talking. Find out how S3 Passenger has worked for other operators.

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