A record-setting implementation of only two months

Snälltåget is a Swedish open-access rail operator that primarily offers long-distance rail travel services. Snälltåget operates long-distance train services across 27 stations, operating from Malmö to Stockholm and with its sleeper trains to Åre, Sweden, Berlin, Germany and Austria.

One of Snälltåget’s notable offerings is its night train services. The most notable of which is their route between Malmö and Innsbruck, the longest night train route in the EU that covers more than 1,700 kilometres. And going forward, those routes are powered by S3 Passenger.

Implemented in record time

Where Snälltåget only signed a contract with Sqills in April 2023, the Go-Live took place on Wednesday June 28th 2023 already. This means an implementation period of S3 Passenger in only two months – an absolute record. The reason behind this incredibly fast turnaround is the implementation approach.

A phased implementation approach

The agreed upon implementation approach ensures Snälltåget can start using S3 Passenger almost instantly while new more functionalities are added in the months after go-live. Snälltåget is able to use core modules in S3 Passenger such as Navigator 2.0 & the Pricing Engine, offering significant business value compared to the previous solution in use. “The fact that these business benefits are available out-of-the-box, further highlights the product maturity of S3 Passenger. Similarly, it illustrates the maturity and pragmatism of Snälltåget as an organisation, to enable such a swift implementation while at the same time, increasing both employee and customer experience with better products and services.” said Kasper Walraven, Chief Customer Officer at Sqills.

An ongoing project

Snälltåget and Sqills will continue to work together in the coming months to ensure that the entire Snälltåget network runs on S3 Passenger. For Sqills, this means amongst others that various downstream systems need to be integrated  for start of operations and configuring a multi-inventory solution to serve Snälltåget’s needs. For Snälltåget, it means working on the front-end implementation, while also utilising all the relevant functionalities that S3 Passenger offers. The Sqills consultancy team will remain a driving force during this next optimisation phase.

Many decisions and path choices in the implementation have been possible through a great deal of commitment and determination by both parties. It has been a pleasure to work with Sqills during this process.

Marco Andersson - Head of Sales at Snälltåget

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