OSDM standard makes iryo tickets available through Trenitalia channels

It is now possible to purchase tickets for iryo services through the sales channels of Trenitalia, thanks to the OSDM (Open Sales and Distribution Model) standard.

This effectively allows travellers to buy a trip through Europe with multiple transport operators, with a single purchase. Specifically, Trenitalia customers will have the option to purchase a trip with iryo within Spain. This is the first time rail operators from two different countries have been integrated using the OSDM model.

How railway operators can benefit from OSDM

Leveraging the OSDM standard means operators can offer new services to existing customers, while attracting new customers at the same time. Embracing the standard ensures passengers benefit from a seamless travel experience while allowing operators to enhance their product offerings.

By streamlining the overall ticket distribution process, it is possible to reduce development and distribution costs, meaning that operators can increase their overall revenue and become more efficient.

Pushing the standard

As shared before, Sqills has long been a proponent of the OSDM standard. The goal behind the standard is to simplify the booking process for public transport options, a fact highlighted in the aforementioned scenario.

The OSDM standard can help simplify and streamline the entire ticket purchasing process for both customers and operators. This leads to a more efficient and cost-effective solution that reduces distribution costs and supports sustainable passenger transport.

It is great to see leading operators such as Trenitalia adopt the OSDM standard. The growing popularity of OSDM means the integration between retailers, distributors, carriers and travellers will be smoother than ever. This will help to promote sustainable travel methods even further.

Bart van Munster - Sqills CEO