Eurostar now live on S3 Passenger

Eurostar, the international high-speed railway service that connects London with Paris, Brussel, and Amsterdam, is now running with S3 Passenger as the beating heart of their seat reservation, ticket sales, and inventory management.

On March 15th, after a successful implementation project led by the Eurostar IT department, Eurostar transitioned from its legacy sales and inventory application RésaRail (operated by SNCF) to S3 Passenger, provided and hosted by Sqills.

The transition covered ‘first-time’ S3 Passenger connectivity with RésaRail, SNCF PAO, Trainline, Amadeus, JDA RPO, SilverRail, RDG and many other Eurostar suppliers.

The migration took place exactly as planned due to careful preparation by the involved parties, cooperating as one team.

As a result of the transition to S3 Passenger, Eurostar now fully uses the powerful S3 Passenger tool. This offers numerous out-of-the box features, flexibility, and high-speed performance that can drastically reduce cost and time-to-market. This ensures that configuration and fare offer changes that may have taken much longer to complete before can now be performed in a fraction of that time.

The use of S3 Passenger allows Eurostar to become even more flexible and adaptive to the constantly changing market and customer demands and to grow the number of transported passengers year on year.

This marks another successful implementation of S3 Passenger, the industry leading inventory, ticketing and distribution solution.

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