SNCF selects S3 Passenger as their new reservation system

Sqills has further strengthened its position within the French public transport industry. SNCF Voyageurs, one of the world’s largest high-speed intercity rail operators, has selected S3 Passenger to replace SNCF’s current reservation system.

S3 Passenger is the world’s leading inventory, sales, and distribution system used by 35 rail and bus operators across the globe.

Frédérique Pasquier, former SNCF’s Chief Program Officer said, “The selection of S3 Passenger to replace our existing reservation system ‘Résarail’ is an important step to streamline our commercial offer and develop our market share, as high-speed rail transport is gaining momentum as the most sustainable mode of transportation”.

S3 Passenger will be a key asset to improve our ability to adapt to market changes in a context of gradual opening to competition.

Frédérique Pasquier - former SNCF’s Chief Program Officer

With S3 Passenger used by SNCF’s subsidiaries OUIGO, Thalys/IZY and Eurostar, SNCF already experienced enhanced commercial capabilities, improved time to market and system robustness. By the end of 2023, SNCF will be using S3 Passenger for TGV /inOUI, Intercités, Lyria, Alleo (TGV / ICE France – Germany) and SVI (TGV France Italy).

Wouter Cassee, Sqills board member and co-Founder added “We are extremely proud that S3 Passenger covers more than 95% of SNCF’s requirements out-of-the-box. It underlines our position as the world’s leading reservation platform for public transport operators.”

By 2023, all SNCF brands will use S3 Passenger as their inventory, reservation, and ticketing platform. SNCF has proven to be a very innovative, forward-thinking, and knowledgeable client. Together we will ensure that the future needs of the SNCF and its customers will also be served through ongoing R&D and product enhancements to ensure that S3 Passenger remains top of class throughout the term of our agreement.”

Wouter Cassee continues “The increased demand for rail journeys because of growing environmental engagement means operators need a business and technical standard to benefit from short time to market and an agile approach based on configuration over customisation, relying on business expertise from Sqills and all clients in the S3 Passenger community. In 2021 Sqills already signed contracts with 3 new public transport customers including Swedish Rail (SJ). By 2025, S3 Passenger is forecasted to process over 500 million passenger segments annually“.

As the world’s leading inventory, ticketing and reservation solution, Sqills is in a unique position to help operators achieve their goals.

Wouter Cassee - Sqills co-Founder

More about SNCF

SNCF is the most prolific operator to become a part of the S3 Passenger community as one of the largest  railway operators with around  35,000 km (22,000 mi) of route in its railway network and around 14,000 trains daily. More than five million passengers travel with SNCF Voyageurs in France every day.

This is made possible thanks to the 70,000 people who work at SNCF Voyageurs, including 12,000 line drivers and 9,000 conductors.

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