OUIGO is SNCF’s low-cost and high-speed rail operator that exclusively offers second-class seating. OUIGO was launched to complete the range of various commercial train propositions offered in France by SNCF (TGV, iDTGV, Intercités, etc.).

As of November 2017, OUIGO is powered by S3 Passenger (S3P). This offers OUIGO more flexibility, a better time to market, and improved system availability.

iDTGV has selected Sqills’ S3P as it meets all the requirements for the OUIGO offer, positive experiences by other system users, proven out of the box functionality, time to market, financial license model and the Sqills team’s extreme pro-activity to deliver new functionalities!

Fabrice Flottes de Pouzols - CIO/CDO of iDTGV and OUIGO

OUIGO offers a range of differentiated low prices for travel in double-decker carriages that are sold via various distribution channels, all powered by S3 Passenger:

  • OUIGO website
  • OUIGO mobile app
  • SNCF stations
  • OUIGO call center
  • and travel agents

OUIGO only offers a single class of service, and the pricing is simple. OUIGO does not have any hidden costs. To get the best prices, it is important for the customer to plan ahead: the earlier the customer books, the lower their fare will be. Prices vary with demand.

The S3P software suite was implemented in collaboration with iDTGV (SNCF subsidiary) and went into production in November 2017. OUIGO is the third operator within the SNCF Group to use the S3P platform.

This is how we do it

The cooperation between OUIGO, iDTGV and Sqills after the Go-Live moment is handled by the respective service managers. These service managers have a bi-weekly conference call and quarterly strategic service management meetings to discuss and manage day-to-day operational performance and functional improvements over time at regular intervals.

As a SaaS customer, OUIGO receives four updates per year. After Go-Live, S3 Passenger has already introduced more than 100 new features, improvements and fixes over the course of a year.

The continuous S3P functional enhancements support and enable OUIGO to increase sales, cut costs, increase customer satisfaction and compete more effectively with competitors.

Are you interested in getting your systems up-to-date to modern S3P standards? Learn more about the successful OUIGO-Sqills partnership? Contact us!

OUIGO booking.