I was looking for software companies in the region that could comply with the standards I had made after my work at my previous employer. I wanted to work at a company that could offer more structure and a clear vision on software development. Based on the website, I found Sqills interesting enough to apply. My expectations after checking out the website and my first interview, luckily turned out to be accurate. The work environment, the work itself and the nice colleagues make Sqills a fantastic place to work at.

I like the analyst work very much, because you get to translate the problems of end users to future software and that is exactly what I do here at Sqills. As analyst you’ll have to stay involved in what happens during a sprint. Your work isn’t ready when the design is made, you’ll have to process the feedback of your team, because of new (technical) insights, on a daily basis. In addition, I am very happy with my role as product owner for the frontend. I wanted to grow into this position and it was granted to me. I make sure there is enough work ready for the team. Another important part of my work is translating the management’s vision into a planning. A strong vision on software development of the management ensures a certain structure within the entire organisation, the effect of which can be felt within the entire organisation. There is time planned to discuss what we are going to build, where we want to stand next quarter this structure works really well.  Making a product from scratch into something meaningful together with your team, and being able to take the lead in this is very cool. In conclusion, Sqills listens carefully to what employees want and see what they can offer as an employer.