At LinkedIn, I came across the vacancy for Android Developer. I did not know Sqills yet, so I visited the website to get a first impression of what Sqills is doing. One of the things I liked was the application process, that exists of multiple interviews, an assessment and providing a piece of code. From this, I got the impression that quality matters to Sqills.

That thoughtfulness is also reflected in the development process. For example, we do code reviews and that makes our code qualitatively good. I think that is very important. Sqills is a professional company. Everyone has his own responsibility and the beauty of it is, that you really get the chance to take that responsibility. When I started, we could set up an application from scratch and there is nothing more fun than that.

The culture of Sqills suits me very well. We work hard, but we also have fun together during our lunch walks or during table football. We have several common interests too, like the love for good food. On Fridays, for example, we regular order (hot) food. I think good food is important and it’s nice to share that with other colleagues.