When I finished my study Business Engineering I went looking for a job. I applied for different functions that seemed interesting to me in the field of ICT and business engineering. At Sqills, I applied for a job as Software Tester, but I did not really know what the function entailed. During my first interview it showed that the Software Tester Traineeship better suited my situation. This was a good opportunity for me to start my career in ICT.

Sqills grants me full potential. I can develop my skills and I think this is the biggest plus to work here. You will get to know the culture of a company only when you work there, but I really like the Sqills culture. It has something fresh and new, yet we are getting more professional each day. Still, the core is that everyone is approachable. Even if you want to discuss something with the management, that is possible, the organization is fairly flat.

Meanwhile, my traineeship period passed and I promoted to the position of Software Tester. I particularly like the technical part of the testing. That’s the part where I can dive into and learn more from. During the day, I deal with writing and executing manual tests, performance and browser testing and test automation. As a tester, you can get really technical and that is my true passion.