I studied business informatics at Saxion and started more than five years ago at Sqills. During my time here, I am continuously developing and that is not about to stop. I like the variety of projects very much, therefore I just keep learning continuously. I’m still enjoying myself and the atmosphere is very nice here.

I find working in a scrum team much nicer than following the waterfall method. When everyone is present, we start the day with the stand-up. Besides daily stand-ups, we have several weekly meetings with the customer to discuss things. All requirements are placed in a frame with a JIRA ticket. I discuss with the customer if the requirements are still up to date during the project. Sometimes there are pieces of documentation which need to be updated and I also do some functional testing. I make sure that the deployments are planned in consultation with Support and the customer.

The most fun is to find a solution with the team. When we have problems, such as a challenge to implement something and we have to puzzle what is the best way we can make it, then I am on my best. Besides the work itself I find the contact within Sqills, the atmosphere, very positive here. Sqills really feels like home. What I also find pleasant is that the management sympathise with you in special / personal situations. If there is anything troubling you, there is always someone to help you.