There are always new projects I can work on within Sqills. My work depends on the stage of the project. I have a lot of contact with customers and the team; I ask about the status of a project; where we are now and what’s the next step. In that way I bring everything together. I like the dynamic of my work, that’s why I still work at Sqills.

When I started working at Sqills there were 20-24 people. The company is growing, but it still feels like a small company, because we are working in teams. Besides that, I like the fact that we can achieve things. We have a hands-on mentality; The customer has a problem and our premise is that we can solve that. I think that’s a nice way of working. At other companies I see they first have to make conditions, frame things, make reports and finally start after four months.

I like my colleagues, the dynamics and of course the growth that is contained within Sqills. I also grew from analyst to project leader. Sqills grows, the projects get bigger and as an employee you will get the chance to grow together with the company.