Currently, we have a big support department at Sqills, but when I started working here I was one of the only support employees. I was hired to answer questions of customer and manage and handle the office IT infrastructure. In my first year at Sqills, I have learned more than in 2.5 years at the MBO. At Sqills, I learned how challenging and creative this line of work can be.

At the end of the day, I sometimes can’t even remember what I have worked on that day. Some days this is more controllable. I still like that, because I think I can make a difference here. For two days I am working on projects and the other days I spend at operational things: the tickets. For example, I work on questions related to projects, calls (problems) of customers or assist by acting as an architect at new projects.

I feel that it doesn’t get any better than this and I think my work here is not done yet. There are great challenges still ahead. If I’m ever leaving this place I want to have the feeling that I have become irrelevant. That would, I think, mean that I have done my job well. I am still learning every day and I am honoured to work here.