I am working at Sqills for more than ten years now and I have known Bart and Johan (Sqills co-founders) since secondary school. When I started working at Sqills, there were only six employees, so everyone had multiple functions. My first real project was the Ticketless travel project for NS. That was a pilot for international travel with an OV-chip card. I was application developer and had to go to NS International to explain things. That is how I grew into a consulting/analyst role.

During the last few years Sqills grew and the functions got more specific. As a Business Consultant, I worked on different projects for NS International and other customers. Now, I work on S3 Passenger projects. I work both on the product development as the implementation for our S3 customers. For this reason, I can easily translate questions of customers to new solutions within the product. For example, when I work at Irish Rail and I see features they demand that we do not have but which are interesting, I can directly insert them into the back office to the roadmap and look at how we can implement that with the team. Are we going to make it exactly the way they want or should we make it something more generic so that other customers can also benefit from it?

There are still challenges in my work. At Sqills you’ll get the space to develop yourself and discover what you like. I have never felt the need to see how it is elsewhere. I am enjoying myself and most importantly, I still have opportunities here. Here you will be respected on content and not on age or how long you are working at Sqills. The atmosphere is still the same as at the beginning; We are just doing fun things together.