SNCF TER (Transport express regional) is the French rail operator engaged in a deep transformation of its value proposition for its customers and the French Regions services. TER transports more than 800,000 passengers on 5,700 trains daily.

TER’s partnership with Sqills will enhance their levels of innovation and digitalization and enables new high-level services for long-distance TER clients that use their “Krono” lines. The TER railway options are tailored to meeting the specific needs of the consumer. The Krono lines specifically offer fast and comfortable services to connect the main urban centres.

Transforming rail travel for passengers across the French regions

SNFC TER’s decision to partner with Sqills along with its partner Wiremind came after an extensive market survey and tender.  The decision to partner with Sqills is part of TER’s “CAP TER2020” strategy to differentiate its regional transportation offer and add a complete self-service travelling experience for long-distance TER trains.

Sqills and Wiremind will deliver their proven S3 Passenger SaaS solution for reservation coupled with the CAYZN revenue management solution to provide a new range of services to TER passengers travelling between regional urban stops.

S3P is scheduled to go into production by January 2022.


SNCF selects S3 Passenger as their reservation platform

SNCF is the world’s second largest rail operator and already the 4th contract Sqills signed in 2021. Find out more about why SNCF selected S3 Passenger – the undisputed marketleader in inventory, reservation, and ticketing software.

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