Powering SNCF’s affordable, high-speed rail operator

OUIGO is SNCF’s affordable, high-speed rail operator that exclusively offers a single class of seating.

OUIGO was launched in 2013 to offer budget long-distance services on the core routes of the French railway network and complete the range of various commercial train propositions offered in France by SNCF (TGV, iDTGV, Intercités, and more).

This formula quickly proved to be successful, with OUIGO selling more than 2.5 million tickets during its first year of operation. As of November 2017, OUIGO has been powered by S3 Passenger. This offers OUIGO more flexibility, a better time to market, and improved system availability.

Part of the reason for the success of OUIGO is its clear offer: OUIGO offers a single class of service, and the pricing is simple. OUIGO does not have any hidden costs. To get the best prices, it is important for the customer to plan ahead: the earlier the customer books, the lower their fare will be. Prices vary with demand, as demand increases, so will prices.

The S3 Passenger platform was implemented in collaboration with iDTGV (a former SNCF subsidiary) and went into production in November 2017. OUIGO is the third operator within the SNCF Group to use the S3 Passenger platform.

How the OUIGO - Sqills partnership works

After go-live, OUIGO is supported by one of Sqills’ Customer Centric Teams (CCT). These teams consist of several product specialists, business consultants and  a service-, and project manager. CCT teams assist operators with their daily operational work with S3 Passenger.

  • The product specialist provides support for reported issues and ensures these are resolved as quickly as possible.

  • The service manager supports the operational Service Level Agreement. Based on need and best practice there are (bi)-weekly operational calls with the service manager where e.g. day to day operations (releases/projects) are discussed and operational performance is monitored.

  • The business consultants provide support for the functional part of S3 Passenger and help with the implementation of new features and functions. A business consultant lead is assigned to periodically discuss new innovations to the S3 Passenger to ensure the customer is up to speed with the latest features of and utilises these to get the most out of the platform.

  • The team also organises a periodical strategic meeting with OUIGO to meet on management level to review and discuss the partnership during the operational phase.

iDTGV has selected Sqills’ S3P as it meets all the requirements for the OUIGO offer, positive experiences by other system users, proven out of the box functionality, time to market, financial licence model and the Sqills team’s extreme pro-activity to deliver new functionalities!

Fabrice Flottes de Pouzols - Former CIO/CDO of iDTGV and OUIGO

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