The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) brings together the companies that run Britain’s railway to deliver a better railway for passengers and the country. All the train operators in Britain are members of the RDG and the implementation of the Sqills platform will cover all services across the country.

RDG organises their activity into four core portfolios: customer experience; today’s railway; industry reform; and tomorrow’s railway. The transformative nature of S3 Passenger can power a shift in all four core areas.

Transforming Rail Travel For Passengers Across The UK Network

RDG and Sqills have started the their 18-month implementation period. During this period, Sqills and RDG will replace the existing National Reservation Service (NRS) platform with S3 Passenger. Each of the involved 21 train operating carriers will get their own dedicated instance of S3 Passenger instance. Through the contract with the RDG, all 21 involved train operators using S3 Passenger are can technically able to connect their inventories with other S3 Passenger users such as Irish Rail, Eurostar, Thalys/IZY, Ouibus, Ouigo, TER, and future clients.

S3P is planned to go into production by November 2020.