Fast, sustainable, low-cost and a lightning fast implementation

IZY was the fast, sustainable, and low-cost train service that was introduced in March 2016 and operated by Thalys. It ran daily services between Paris and Brussels at competitive prices and services ended in July 2022.

Passengers were able to tailor their IZY journey to their needs with the following optional add-ons:

  • Taking an additional bag;

  • Booking an XL seat;

  • Bringing a pet onboard;

  • Opting for text message notifications that related to their journey, their seat or traffic conditions.

It was exclusively possible to buy tickets online through the dedicated website izy.com or the IZY mobile app. It was not possible to buy these tickets from ticket machines, ticket counters, or through the regular Thalys website.

Customers had to purchase tickets at least four hours in advance of the journey and these tickets were either delivered by email or through the mobile app as an e-ticket with a QR code. 

S3 Passenger powered IZY in terms of seat reservation, (open) ticketing, distribution and more, allowing IZY to compete thanks to low distribution costs, improved customer satisfaction, and short time-to-market. The excellent partnership between IZY and Sqills meant that S3 Passenger was implemented in y six months. 

This day has been a tremendous day for all of us, and a great achievement for our brand new IZY product and booking solution! The implementation was a real success and above all we had an excellent cooperation between our teams

Frédéric Miel - former Project Manager Thalys

Managing the day-to-day operations

The day-to–day operation was managed by IZY and Sqills service managers. Bi-weekly scheduled meetings were implemented to discuss business progress and quarterly strategic account meetings were in place to review performance of the last quarter, define planning, and discuss and share new ideas.

Even though IZY is no longer running, their low prices are still available with Thalys. Another operator that also runs on S3 Passenger. Click here to find out more about that case.


Interested in finding out how IZY managed to implement S3 Passenger in only six months? Reach out to Simon to discuss what might be possible for your business.

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