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    S3 Passenger

S3 Passenger Sales & Distribution

The best-in-class scalable, modular and flexible software solution.

Sqills is committed to deliver the highest quality software for the Rail and Bus industry.

To stay in touch with market trends and (changing) operators needs, Sqills is present at industry conferences & events and in regular contact with Rail and Bus customers and prospects. Changing bus and railway market needs are ongoing discussed, prioritised and incorporated in the S3 Passenger innovation roadmap.

The result of our efforts is the S3 Passenger Sales & Distribution software which we have developed since 2008 specifically for the bus and rail market.

The S3 Passenger suite offers seat reservation, (open) ticketing, distribution and revenue management functionality which enables rail and bus operators to:

  1. Lower their distribution costs
  2. Increase customer satisfaction
  3. Decrease time to market

Read more about this in our white paper or click on the Bus, Railway of Ferry icon below to learn more about our industry specific offering.

Available modules

  • S3 Navigator
    Timetable management, service and route definition.
  • S3 Fare
    Fare engine and market proposition management.
  • S3 Inventory
    Material planning, seat allocation and inventory control business logic.
  • S3 Ticket
    Transactional core of the S3 Passenger suite, including ticket distribution.
  • S3 CRM
    Optional customer registration platform with light-weight CRM functionality.
  • S3 Revenue Management
    Revenue Management to optimise multi-segment passenger transport revenue.
  • S3 Auth
    The back-end component responsible for administration tasks.
  • S3 Config
    S3 Config holds and manages several technical and functional configuration aspects.
  • S3 Communication
    Deliver personalised, reservation related information to customers.
  • S3 Payment
    Payment management with external systems.
  • S3 Reporting
    Produces reporting-optimised materialised views of the relevant S3 data from all the S3 Passenger modules.