Sqills understands the importance of working together to deliver optimal results. That’s why we work with a diverse set of partners, ranging technology partners, to systems integrators and consultants.

The Sqills Partner Program showcases those partners who have demonstrable experience or knowledge in terms of S3 Passenger. Being an S3 Partner means working with the market-leading inventory, reservation, and ticketing system.

Why join the S3 Partner Program?

The S3 Partner Program is designed to boost your presence and gain additional credibility in the public transport sector while also offering the possibility of enhancing your commercial opportunities.

Working with S3 Passenger means working with a software suite that helps our clients implement process change that drives results. Working on S3 API’s means you can implement a wide range of integrations that help meet a range of client needs. You bring value to international operators while growing your business.

How to become an S3 Partner

Partners are contracted by operators directly, Sqills only plays a role in the certification of partners. The partner certification consists of two parts: consultancy and application development and completion takes 4 to 8 weeks. As an S3 Passenger partner you gain access to an impressive documentation space and access to the Sqills consultants.

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