VIA Rail

Sqills is proud to have been selected by VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) to deliver the proven S3 Passenger SaaS solution for inventory management, reservation, and ticketing to offer passengers across Canada an improved customer-centric service.

S3 Passenger will replace the current, dated legacy system by introducing a multi-channel integration hence streamlining and improving back-end processes.  S3 Passenger will offer more commercial flexibility and a wide range of self-services such as seat selection and reservation, easy sales of ancillary services on-board, and a wide range of after-sales capabilities to exchange or refund tickets without staff intervention on any channel.

Sqills signed a 10-year contract with VIA Rail in September 2019, which was immediately followed by a discovery phase to jointly prepare the implementation project. Scope and approach have been carefully determined and the implementation phase has now begun.


SNCF selects S3 Passenger as their reservation platform

SNCF is the world’s second largest rail operator and already the 4th contract Sqills signed in 2021. Find out more about why SNCF selected S3 Passenger – the undisputed marketleader in inventory, reservation, and ticketing software.

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