I had several interviews set up at multiple companies, and in the end I chose Sqills. During my interviews at Sqills I got a very clear idea of the management and the philosophy behind the company. The main distinguishing feature at Sqills for me is the opportunity for growth and personal development. I’m still very impressed that within a company that has to take care of its own growth, such a lot of attention is still paid to people’s individual goals and wishes.

I appreciate it very much that my job is ‘programming plus’, the entire process that surrounds the actual task of producing code. I like that I don’t spend my entire day sitting behind a computer screen typing code; I’m also often thinking and discussing about how my code ties in to the goals of the project; fitting the customers’ needs to our solutions. A lot of our projects use the Scrum methodology. Despite the clearly delineated task description of a software developer, in a Scrum team that’s never all you end up doing. Scrum connects you very explicitly to the consequences of your decisions. It brings you closer to the customer, but also closer to your team. My current team has become very strong. All of us know what the other ones are doing, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we feel a sense of responsibility to help and complement each other. After all, we are all collectively responsible for the entire final result.

I know there is still a lot I can learn here, and I really like the fact that there is room here for people to express their opinion about the quality of the software they work on. If you have good arguments, you are listened to, and if you have bad arguments you will be told. I really believe that the ultimate goal at Sqills is to be able to be proud of what we do.