We want to share our knowledge (but need your help)

While Sqills delivers its software solution across the globe, we still want to grow locally. Part of increasing our awareness is sharing the incredible amount of technical knowledge found within the company. While we can share this information in a blog, a video is going to be far more appealing for most. How can we make sure that we deliver information the right way, to the right audience, with the right equipment?


Take the existing landscape into consideration and determine how we should be sharing our information. Do we share our information in English or in Dutch? Do we make short videos or longer videos? How do we combine text and video to get people talking about us? Both in the online world and offline. How can we share knowledge within the company? Different kind of groups need different input. But we all need to know the new stuff while also kind of working on islands.

Because we are moving to a new location you will get a chance to have input into the development of a potential recording room


Is this the perfect graduation assignment for you or do you have another great suggestion? Make sure to contact Noortje!

Noortje Corporate Recruiter