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    Mobile solutions on-the-go

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For Sqills, mobile applications are the "next thing" for our solutions in all the other channels like web. Now that mobile presence becomes more important, we develop apps that seamlessly integrate with existing solutions or offer unique functionality of their own.

Mobile presence becomes more and more important. In December 2011 over 1 billion apps were downloaded in one single week (source: Flurry). Gaming apps, social media app and commercial apps for promotions and customer interaction. Apps compared to mobile internet solutions (websites adjusted for the smaller screens of phones/tablets) are much easier to use. The importance of having an app nowadays is almost as important as having a website years ago. Customer interaction has become easier and more effective due to higher perceived value as interaction is always possible (any place, any time) using mobile devices. Think about the success of social media, email, WhatsApp because of accessibility via mobile devices enabling communication between friends, companies and consumers. By using Sqills' online and offline technology, your apps can be used at all times even if you don't have internet access at any given moment.

Mobile app development

We would be honoured to develop mobile concepts (apps) together with your team. Our starting points for concept creation are: clear insight in your commercial objectives, functional usage is key, creativity needs to go hand in hand with usability and technology is facilitating, not leading during the project.

We build apps running on the operating systems of the most popular devices: Apple and Android.

1.200.000 mobile app users

...worldwide, according to Portio Research, conducted in March 2013.

Usage per platform

  1. Android - 78,4%
  2. IOS - 15,6%
  3. Microsoft - 3,2%
  4. BlackBerry - 1,9%
  5. Others - 0,9%

Source: Gartner, percentages of world-wide smartphone sales during 2013

Various technologies

  • IOS
    Sqills is a certified Apple developer organization and can deliver your mobile solutions to the app store.
  • Android
    With our strong JAVA background, we feel very much at home in the Android world.