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    Custom solutions that last

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Sqills' approach to tailor made solutions is based on the combination of our three core competences: business consultancy and analysis to understand what the foreseen solution should encompass, technology delivery to develop the solution according to the high level quality standards that we apply, and experienced project management to guarantee on-time / within budget delivery.


Sqills provides various types of tailor made solutions:

  1. Back-end solutions with a strong focus on transaction processing.
    This includes full tailor made (web based) back-office platforms that are secure, scalable and robust. We are not afraid of interfacing to legacy components of the existing systems landscape.
  2. Web Content Management (WCM) systems for the front-end; both open-source, as well as professional commercial off-the-shelf solutions, like GX XperienCentral.
  3. Web shop platforms or custom booking front-ends, offering standardized e-commerce functionality in a tailor made look and feel with customized interactions and purchasing flows. Integrating with our customized back-end solutions. Including Payment Service Provider (PSP) integration for PCI-compliant payment handling.

Our solutions are often audited by external experts to investigate documentation professionalism, code quality standards, transaction integrity and/or overall system security. Such investigations always support our methodology and confirm the quality level that we strive for.


The cooperation with our clients is as tailor made as our solutions. We can offer projects in a classical waterfall methodology, just as well as pure agile approaches like scrum. Prefer to have flexible, sprint-based partial deliveries of the solution, but afraid of handing out an "open cheque" for the project? We are not afraid of mixing an agile approach with a fixed-price, fixed-date delivery.

Quality Assurance (QA) at Sqills goes beyond basic testing like unit and integration tests, load- and performance tests, and regression tests. QA starts already at the beginning of a project, during business requirement specification, and doesn't end after delivering the software. Once the software is deployed, QA remains very important. We automate what we can, we manually test what we must. By applying QA principles throughout all phases of software development, the end result will meet customers' expectations.

1: Understanding business

Understanding our customer's needs and requirements. Not only from what they tell us. Also from what we discover ourselves.

2: Technology that works

Technology that simply works. Up to standards, supporting the business. Open-source if our clients prefer it.

3: On-time, on-budget

Project management that simply guarantees that deadlines are met, and budgets are not exceeded. Working closely together, positively critical if we must, with our customers to get the job done.

Project steps

  1. Requirements analysis
  2. Scope / Project agreement
  3. Graphical design (optional)
  4. Functional Design*
  5. Technical Design*
  6. Prototyping* (optional)
  7. Development*
  8. Unit and Integration Testing*
  9. Acceptance Testing*
  10. Conversion / Data Migration (optional)
  11. Go-live
  12. Support & Maintenance

* (possible in multiple iterated "sprints")