S3 Passenger Sales & Distribution

The software system for rail and bus operators

S3 Passenger is the latest and best available sales and distribution suite on the market. Thousands out of the box features allow rail and bus users to benefit from our proven technology, short time to market and powerful self-services.

1 real time system, 3 focus areas:

  1. To provide end-customer easy and efficient self-services to make and revise bookings.
  2. To provide operators powerful, flexible and cutting edge technology to replace their outdated reservation systems and battle for market share and customer preference.
  3. Leverage operator experience and industry input in ongoing S3 Passenger innovations, maintaining the best in class product suite status with thousands out of the box features.

The fast growing community of S3 Passenger users have selected S3 Passenger for its powerful out of the box functionalities, ease of use, agile development approach and time to market.

As Eurostar grows beyond 10 million transported passengers per year and we expand our reach further into Europe, having a flexible reservation system is critical. With its combination of agility, stability and responsiveness as well its willingness to work closely with our in-house development team, Sqills has proved to be the perfect partner. Laurent Bellan, Eurostar CIO
Our existing ticketing systems had several dated legacy components which affect the customer experience. We were determined to bring these aspects of the business, such as ticketing and pricing, up to modern standards. Gerry Culligan, Iarnród Éireann, Irish Rail Commercial Director

At Sqills, we are committed to power the digital transformation of the bus and rail industry.
Join our community of users and benefit from our experience gained around the world.

S3 Passenger Modules

S3 Passenger can be up and running in 3 months enabling you to manage your sales, distribution and revenue management. All features are built in close cooperation with our bus and rail users and new features are deployed every 6 weeks.