S3 Passenger RM

The revenue optimisation solution for your business

Driving occupancy levels, increasing yield and applying channel economics, S3 Passenger Revenue Management is the best available tooling on the market. This means no more black boxes but tooling that supports analysis and decision making.

S3 Revenue Management provides users:

  1. A fully transparent system supporting the analyst.
  2. Flexible (availability) steering per O&D, departure date and service.
  3. Simple copy/paste functions to apply proven business rules on other O&Ds.
  4. More focus on critical O&Ds through applied automated business rules on less critical routes.

With S3 RM, Revenue analysts are always fully in control by means of dashboards and real-time access to price and inventory settings.

Increase sales

The art of revenue management is an ongoing improvement of technology supporting market insights and effective revenue management strategies. The S3 Passenger Revenue Management community is actively involved to define improvements such as the recent inclusion of a new feature enabling (third party) competitive price analysis to be fed into the system for more accurate decision making in highly dynamic markets.

Join our community of users and benefit from our experience gained around the globe.