• Revenue Management

    Mixing Art and Science with our technology to optimize revenue from available demand.

    Revenue Management

S3 Passenger Revenue Management

Making the most out of your market demand.

For each of the industries in which we offer RM solutions, our technology approach follows a specific sequence of steps:

  1. Estimate / forecast market demand
    All further decisions of the system in automated tasks are based on this interpreted knowledge of the market.
  2. Analyze price elasticity
    Decisions to make changes in pricing are based on reliable knowledge of the effect of such changes.
  3. Optimize price (or booking limits)
    Based on both knowledge of the market demand as well as knowledge on how the customer is expected to react to price changes, the system can determine the best price either by adjusting the actual numerical price values (common in retail, or event RM) or deciding on the best combination of booking limits (typical for the transport industry).
In all cases, Sqills believes that the system should not trust its own outcomes 100%, and therefore we implemented the shortest possible "feedback loops" in the solutions in order to immediately measure (even daily) the outcome of generated new settings.

RM advantages:

  • Better insight in demand, transaction trends, customer behaviour
  • Dynamic and user-friendly control over prices and/or booking limits
  • Save time on manual analysis of data and ongoing events
  • Benefit from automated optimizations

Suitable for the following industries: