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Ferry solutions

Full speed ahead with our ticket engine.

When it comes to creating 'seaworthy' ferry solutions , Sqills has ridden the waves. During the implementation process, we have mastered the specific demands of the ferry industry and its specific points of attention.

Based on earlier experiences within the Ferry industry, Sqills has identified the following KPI's:

  1. Sale and validation speed is crucial
    One of the challenges in the ferry industry is to optimize the process of boat entry and exit. Ticket sale and validation should not be a bottleneck. Our optimized sale and validation process delivers the speed needed.
  2. Heavy user experience is key
    As often seen across many businesses, the Pareto principle (80-20 rule) applies to ferries. Therefore it is key that frequent users encounter a fast flow which minimizes the contact moments. By combining an online sales channel with 'offload' chip card techniques, the sales and validation process requires a minimum in effort from both the ferry company and end-user.
  3. Life is real-time
    The ferry business demands that information is directly available among all business components. A ticket bought last-minute while in line for the ferry has to be directly available for validation. Information delay results in inability to correctly process customer travelling demands, which in turn results in stagnation at the gate. Sqills has the solutions in place to bring your business into the 'real-time' era.

Aside all similarities, no ferry is alike. Requirements regarding reservations, routes and subscriptions differ. Sqills is aware of these complexities and has the solutions in place to tackle these business challenges.


  • Online booking solutions aimed to maximize conversion
  • Linkage with self service machines at the ferry departure point
  • Digital ticketing including mobile ticketing and electronic fulfilment
  • License plate recognition technology
  • On-line advance payment integrated
  • Multilingual presentation
  • Strong intregration with existing system landscape