Irish Rail Successfully launched S3 Passenger

Monday April 24th 2017, Irish Rail successfully launched their new S3 Passenger sales, distribution and revenue management platform provided by Sqills, replacing the existing and dated legacy systems whilst introducing dynamic pricing capabilities for the first time.

The Sqills solution S3 Passenger was chosen by Irish Rail because of its innovative nature, off the shelf availability and alignment with Irish Rail's customer requirements. The S3 Passenger solution provides Irish Rail a number of strategic benefits such as:

  • Enabling fares to be set from a single source and updating them in real time across all sales channels;
  • Optimising train occupancy providing a better passenger experience and enabling revenue maximisation by better matching supply and demand;
  • A high degree of self-services empowering customers to manage their travel needs.

Gerry Culligan, Commercial Director Irish Rail, commented: “Irish Rail is immediately benefiting from S3 Passenger’s proven technology during the first days of operation, with improved customer experiences and record online revenue generation! S3 Passenger and Sqills have lived up to our expectations, especially their ‘can do’ mentality.”

Alexander Mul, Sqills board member: “S3 Passenger is the latest and leading sales and distribution suite on the market. We are proud that leading public transport operators such as Irish Rail, SNCF (OUIBUS) and Thalys (IZY) have selected S3 Passenger because of its thousands out of the box features, short time to market and rich customer self-services. The implementation programme was on time and within budget and the first days of operation have proven that S3 Passenger is a very powerful sales and distribution suite.”

To find out more and make a booking: Irish Rail website


S3 Passenger is the latest and best available sales and distribution suite on the market. Thousands out of the box features allow rail and bus users to benefit from proven technology, short time to market and powerful self-services!

Sqills has a long history of complex projects in the railway industry. Extensive experience on fare, booking and revenue management engines has formed the foundation of the S3 Passenger sales and distribution software suite. S3 Passenger has specifically been designed to facilitate railway operators to lower their distribution costs, improve their time to market and enhance customer preference.

The Irish Rail solution was delivered through a consortium which included Cubic Transportation Systems, Rail Solutions, Microsoft and Marketo enabling additional CRM, eMarketing, data warehousing and systems integration in addition to the S3 Passenger core capabilities.