Application process

Getting hired at Sqills.

  1. Choose the right job for you
    Have you seen a great job that fits you and your wishes? You can apply via our 'Apply now' function next to the vacancy, where you can upload your CV and resume. An other option is to email directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. While you are waiting
    We will check if we think you are qualified for the job. Within a week, we will let you know if you are invited for the next step. We will contact you to plan an interview, so watch your inbox and phone.
  3. Showtime: the interview
    During our first meeting, we will talk about your CV, your dreams and ambitions: do they fit the job? Tell us why you want to work at Sqills and show us your passion for the job. 
  4. Second gear
    If we and you find the first interview a success, we will invite you for a second interview and an assessment at our office. We will discuss the outcomes after the assessment.
  5. You are hired!
    If you made it through the assessment and several interviews, Sqills will offer you a contract to make it official and you will be our new colleague! 

Open application

Is there no interesting job opening for you at the moment? Of course, at Sqills we always welcome motivated candidates that wish to apply directly. In case you wish to send a resume with an accompanying motivation, we will always take the effort of reviewing it carefully and letting you know personally if we think you would fit in our team. To do so, please send your resume with motivation to: