Trans Link Systems

Web portal Missed Checkout

Trans Link Systems (Translink) requested Sqills to create an easy and central solution to claim money back for a missed checkout.

Translink is the company behind the Dutch public chip card (OV-chipkaart). As a service partner they contribute to ensure passengers can travel securely and easily by public transport. We developed a generic tool that can be used for all the public transport companies.

The Sqills team that worked on this project used an incremental development method to develop and build the web portal. This means that a dedicated team delivered the product in a couple of releases (iterations). Translink was highly involved in the development process.

Project results

  • Allowing passengers to claim money they missed by not checking out
  • Access for passengers to travel reports

Sqills used

  • Symfony2 framework with a MySQL database
  • Layered architecture
  • Incremental development method