Nationale Postcode Loterij

A framework for quickly, easily and cost-efficiently launching new sites.

Using a custom built campaign website creation platform, Sqills releases a large quantity (100+) of campaign specific websites for the Nationale Postcode Loterij every year. All apsects of this framework are focused on a short time to market and low cost of introducing new websites, that can generate new ticket sales transactions that flow to the back-office through a custom deveveloped order manager flawlessly.

The main challenge in this project was to implement a high-performance, very scalable and robust platform to facilitate releasing over 100 campaign oriented websites per year in a very short release cycle. The solution entails a custom built modular platform based on Zend (PHP), that is able to process large peak transaction volumes. In this platform, the fron-end development (which differs for each campaign) is separated fully from the underlying framework development, which, in turns, handles the back-office transaction flow through a dedicated order manager developed by Sqills as well (in a separate project). Finally, automated (regression) testing plays a crucial role in the project to ensure quality demands are met every time, for each released website, despite the short implementation times and high volumes.

  • Example campaign 1

  • Example campaign 2

  • Example campaign 3

  • Example campaign 4

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Project results

  • 100+ campaign websites released per annum
  • High scalability and robustness at low cost
  • Short time to market per site
  • Uniform transaction flow to order manager and back-office

Sqills used

  1. Customized, modular Zend PHP framework
  2. Layered architecture
  3. Automated testing