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Increased competition, market transparency and yield erosion forces bus operators to be more flexible, react faster and operate at a lower cost. S3 Passenger has been developed to provide bus operators a comprehensive system enabling you to compete and/or cooperate effectively with other mobility providers.

During the past years, Sqills has been talking with bus operators and (European) state owned transport operators on topics such as:

  1. Service differentiation and route dynamics due to market liberalisation
  2. Consequences of consolidation and network partnerships to cope with increased competition and new entrants.
  3. Impact on pricing, service offering (routes), staff and IT systems

S3 Passenger sales and distribution software has thousands out of the box functionalities, proven technology, enabling bus operators to manage routes and services real-time, include partner’s network in the offered services, introduce and manage seasonality’s, segmented offerings (for instance senior citizens), a broad range of prices and conditions and keep track of competitive prices.

S3 Passenger can be efficiently operated by a small team responsible for routes, capacity/rolling stock, pricing and ticketing. The S3 Passenger implementation can take as little as 6 months to be completed.

The Sqills, Solucom (IT consultant) and OUIBUS Teams have done an excellent job, working together as a single project team to achieve a smooth transition. They managed to make it look simple and easy, which was obviously not the case! This is an important move for OUIBUS, making the company even more equipped and agile to continue to strengthen its place on this challenging market. Roland de Barbentane, OUIBUS, Directeur Général

We are proud to partner with industry leaders such as Syntus, SNCF Ouibus and Arriva on before mentioned topics, implementing software solutions that make the difference.

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