Our vision and mission

In Sqills' vision,

software solutions should lower costs of operation and distribution, increase revenue by generating more transactions and/or increasing the value of the existing transactions, and improve general customer satisfaction. Such solutions must be available in all customer-facing channels, whether on-line, mobile, at kiosks or affiliate partner locations or by telephone / SMS. To achieve this goal, a balanced interaction between experienced business representation, technical delivery units and target-driven project management must take place. In our vision, we need to be able to deliver without compromise on each of these areas.

The mission of Sqills,

is to support our clients in a long-term relationship in which both parties benefit. In doing so, we base our services on one out of a total of four core activities:

  1. Providing industry specific software solutions that guarantee a short time to market, a high degree of robustness and scalability, and best of breed functionality.
  2. Developing tailor made software for our clients that share the high level of quality that we put into our own product solutions, and in which we demonstrate how flexible we are in adapting to our customer's needs and business specifics.
  3. Offering managed services focussed on a smooth operation of systems: whether ours or yours. Uptime and stability must be very high; customer concern must be very low.
  4. Developing and maintaining mobile software solutions that further expand the reach of the existing desktop alternatives, in order to further contribute to the main goals of cost reduction, revenue increase and customer satisfaction improvement across multiple channels.


Software solutions must
  • Reduce cost;
  • Increase revenue;
  • Improve customer satisfaction.


To support clients in a long term relationship with industry specific product solutions, tailor made solutions, professional managed services and cutting-edge mobile technology, so that the end-consumers benefit from our contribution.