Whether you just completed your first education,
or decide that you want to make the switch to IT,
our traineeships offer you the perfect opportunity


You’ve just completed your studies, are curious and ambitious, and want to gain some experience so you can start working independently. At Sqills we offer you the opportunity to gain that experience. Through our software tester traineeship or our business consultancy traineeship for example.

We make sure to create the perfect match between you and your traineeship. We do so by focusing on your wishes and expertise. Are you someone who can spend hours writing code? Or do you prefer to work with documentation and business processes?

With our traineeship, you focus on what you like to do and build on that.

Our culture

We have a challenging and innovative working environment at Sqills; a working environment where everyone can just be themselves. As part of our culture, our lines of communication are kept small. This means we listen to your ideas and input and you can make yourself heard. People working at Sqills want to learn something new every day, our employees have a passion for technology and exploring the latest tools. This is a passion they like sharing with the rest of their colleagues through presentations for their own team, at our monthly Brown Bag Lunch (complete with sandwiches and drinks) or during a Tech Talk Friday.

At Sqills our mentality is simple: just make it work. An idea is nice, but it isn't worth anything if we cannot implement it. Because we are all part of the successes at Sqills, we also celebrate them together in a big way. Every year we have a large (multi-day) event where all our international colleagues get together. In addition, we participate in team building with outings, pizza sessions, congresses, ski trips, cycling tours and gaming nights. Are you interested in working for an organisation that puts its employees first? An organisation where personal guidance and developing your knowledge are important, where you can exceed your own ambitions? If so, it’s time that you respond to one of our job openings below and get to know Sqills!

What are our expectations as a trainee?

We are looking for candidates who have graduated with an HBO/WO diploma. Although we are always looking for IT professionals, the field of study you graduated in is less important to us. That is because we believe you having a different study background can help introduce new insights. Those allow us to evolve. In addition, we ask the following:

  • You have an interest in IT. Given that you are working in an extremely technical IT company, it is sort of important that you have an interest in IT. Did you graduate with a different degree? Then we want to know why you want to switch;
  • You are analytical and eager to learn, and we’d like it if you have some form of communication skills;
  • You are willing to relocate or travel. Our head office is in Enschede, this means it is easy that you are on location as much as possible.

What do we offer?

  • You get paid from day one;
  • We offer six-month contract, with the intention of renewing indefinitely with mutual consent;
  • You work with a innovative company that continues to grow. An informal organisation where sharing knowledge is extremely important;
  • You get the chance to develop professionally by attending internal and external courses. For example, you learn how to work Scrum and Agile.

Our stack

We encourage our employees to work with the latest technologies. If you think we should use a new or different programming tool or language, we invite you to come and prove it.