Technical jobs

Our solution does not work without constant technical advances
and this is exactly why are constantly looking for innovative professionals
that can push us to another level.

Looking for you

Every day millions of people around the world travel by public transportation. Many of these travellers use the S3 Passenger solution from Sqills to schedule, book, or reserve their journey. With your technical insights and expertise you can help us with this increasingly complex puzzle that is S3 Passenger, a puzzle that constantly demands innovation

Your input ensures that we have a solution that matters. We are not talking about the booking and reservation functionality a regional provider, but international organizations that millions of travellers rely on daily. This ensures that our code must be innovative, has to work, be secure, and reliable.

This is why we need professionals who want to continually evolve and improve, both personally and professionally. Colleagues who are ready to take on a challenging and complex problem.

Our stack

We encourage our employees to work with the latest technologies. If you think we should use a new or different programming tool or language, we invite you to come and prove it.

Why work at Sqills?

At Sqills we work in multidisciplinary teams to realise and implement new technical solutions together. We want people to think outside the box. You are given broad responsibilities within your team and we make sure that we continue to challenge you.

Moreover, we prefer to work with people who "want to know everything". We think it is important that we continue to expand our knowledge, which means that you are given plenty of time to do so. Attending training courses and attending conferences are extremely important here.

June 2021

GOTO Amsterdam

October 2021

Kotlin Conf

October 2021


Our culture

At Sqills we have a challenging and innovative working environment; a working environment where everyone can just be themselves. Our culture demands that our lines of communication are kept small, meaning that we listen to your ideas and input. A place where we also have a lot of fun together.

People here want to learn something new every day, our employees have a passion for technology and the latest tools. This is a passion they like to share with the rest of their colleagues via presentations for their own team, at our monthly Brown Bag Lunch (complete with sandwiches and drinks) or during a Tech Talk Friday where we often celebrate the start of the weekend together.


At Sqills our mentality is simple: just make it work. An idea is nice, but it is worth nothing if we cannot implement it.

Because we all work together on the successes we have at Sqills, these successes must also be celebrated together in a big way. Every year we have a large (multi-day) event where everyone gets together. In addition, we participate in team building with outings, pizza sessions, congresses, ski trips, cycling tours and gaming nights.

Interested in working for an organization that puts its employees first? An organization where personal guidance and developing your knowledge are important and where you can exceed your own ambitions? Then it’s time that you respond to one of our vacancies below and get to know Sqills!