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Our stories

Our Culture

We have created a challenging and innovative work environment within Sqills over the past 16 years. We value an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere, where everyone can be themselves and explore opportunities.

At Sqills, anyone can have a say, and all ideas are taken seriously. The Sqills team members like to share their knowledge and passion for technology. Colleagues give presentations to their colleagues and teams during the monthly Brown Bag Lunch (where sandwiches are arranged) or Tech Talk Friday followed by drinks. Once every month, all team members are invited for the management update by the board to keep everybody well informed on what's going on. We are involved and supportive to each other, loyal and friendly.

At Sqills we love to celebrate our successes together with all team members and occaisionally with their partners and kids (annual staff party, team events and BBQ's). Besides that, we have many more team building events like pizza sessions, congress visits and the ski- and cycling trips.


I like my colleagues, the dynamics and of course the growth that is contained within Sqills.

Why Sqills?

We are on a journey of growth, expanding our global reach with our unique sales and distribution system and the strong commitment of our management and employees. Join us in becoming the worldwide No 1 software vendor for the public transport industry.

Close to innovation

We created a new solution for the Bus and Rail industry. Today our Sales & Distribution platform is the best available solution on the market for Bus and Rail operators. One of the best things about this is that we are all equally passionate and determined toward our product and making it even better; therefore, you will find yourself in the midst of constant innovation.

International business

We successfully deliver complex products and services to large customers. These customers are located in the Netherlands and abroad. When we are working on software solutions, we have to create trends and set new standards. At Sqills you have the opportunity to work together with a wide range of national and international customers.

Personal development

As an innovative company Sqills attaches great importance to the development of its employees. Both in terms of work-related competencies as in the field of personal development. The investment in our employees contributes to the ambitious and quality objectives of the organisation. Our staff regularly attends training courses to develop themselves. Additionally, many knowledge sharing takes place on the work floor and there is much room for personal initiative. Our range of activities provide a strong platform for career development and progression.

Technical development

We are working towards continuous improvement and assurance of quality in our products and processes. We offer a challenging and stimulating work environment and an opportunity to work on a vast range of complex and innovative projects.


We are a team-based organisation. We like our employees to feel connected and loyal to the organisation and their work. To increase this involvement we regularly organize team events and company events. There is a good atmosphere; we work hard, but there is also plenty of room for a joke.


We are proud of our ability to adjust to changing circumstances in a short time and changing wishes of our customers. The market in which we operate demands high flexibility, making this a requirement to achieve our goals. We have short lines of communication with everyone and therefore have few organisational layers, which makes us even more flexible.

Our stack

We encourage our employees to work with the latest technologies. If you think we should use a new or different programming tool or language, we invite you to come and prove it.